10 commandments dating review

You experience wholeness, higher self-esteem, avoid dangerous or deadly diseases, and you ultimately value your body.

Boundaries, ultimately healthy and necessary, but delicate and difficult to discern.

No matter what anyone says, they are almost always the first thing that any man or woman looks at when they’re checking out your profile. When you see someone, your brain decides if you’re attracted or not and then you get to know them.

Trust Your Friends Getting an objective opinion can be really crucial when you are making serious life decisions.

Having a successful relationship may inadvertently hurt other family members.

For example, a youngest or only child of a widowed parent might find it difficult to marry and abandon his parent.

Have A Low Tolerance for Abuse If your prospective mate broke a confidence, was deceitful in any major way or was abusive, this is a bad sign that there will be future problems.

To be sure, you should always give a person the benefit of the doubt and state what he or she did wrong, but if it is part of a recurring pattern, cut that fish loose before it's too late!

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