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However, someone has mentioned to me that merely being in a "girlfriend-boyfriend" relationship can equally get her in trouble. *edit Aaron, thanks for your opinion on the kissing.

Hi my sister turned 17 in December, and she is currently seeing a guy who turned 21 a few weeks ago.

My question involves criminal law for the state of: Virginia Hi, I have a friend who is 21 years old.

She is in love with a 17 year old boy, and is somewhat close to his parents. That site indicates that Virginia's laws are a confusing mess, so I think you're right that people should play it safe by assuming an age of consent of 18.

I felt weird discussing the age difference with friends (and usually avoided the subject entirely) but I knew personally that I had something great.

Well, follow the age rule: Half your age plus seven.

I understand that age of consent is 18, and she can go to jail for sexual interactions with him.

Plus you're (most likely) dating a high schooler.

You're probably gonna get some grief for that. The practical difference between 17 and 21 may not be much because 18 is an arbitrary number...

If she turned 17 last Dec though and he has just turned 21 then there's really only a 3 year gap.

I was 18 when I got together with DH and he was 23.

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