By the way, this screen we’re talking about doesn’t just have a nice colour photo of a SE phone (not your model, a random one), but it rotates the pictures, smoothy.

We are Mistress's who specialize in Sissification, Humiliation, Feminization, Panty Fetish's, Panty Hose Fetish, Sissy Training, and much more.

Knowing that I have this capability within me, is always food for thought.(BTW, when I do have vanilla times with bitch-boy I always begin them by telling him that I am about to use him for his vanilla company until he is otherwise informed.

So he knows even then I am using him or exploiting him for MY pleasure – not allowing him equal status.) Obviously there are some 24/7/365 things in bitch-boy’s life, like enforced chastity and never ever being allowed to fuck ever again, but his life falls far short of the continuous totalitarianism of the lives of the sissy maids I mention above.

We have several Mistress's from mild to wild and extreme.

This is Phone Sex for the man who wants to feel, act and dress up pretty, real or pretend, there are Mistress's here that do both!

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