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What specific things are they doing to make this happen? My first relationship was so intense, I don’t have deep networks of friends or friend groups my own age who are dating and getting married. I just don’t know what it means to find people to hook up with and “have fun.” How is anyone so confident in what they want and what they like?

How do I catch up for what feels like lost sexual time? I don’t think we could connect, because you’re not smart enough — or cool or funny or mysterious or kind or sensual or depressive enough.

I recognize how centered these descriptions are on having people like me vs. I don’t even know how I would change this about myself.

Trying to Take Down My Walls Dear TTTDMW, Your first and only relationship has led you to believe that only initial strong attraction, presumed to be unrequited, with someone you view as better or cooler or more mature than you, could ever lead to love.

When it comes to love, there’s something to be said for experimentation.

Should I make more active moves with the “into you” folks? Is my taxonomy for thinking about these things fundamentally fucked and skewed in some way I’m not able to recognize? Even if it is, it feels pathological, extending to all relationships in my life.

And he could tell; he’d get drunk sometimes and spout insecure (but true!

) things about how I wanted to leave him to be with other people while I was still young. We laughed a lot, respected each other, and were so tender and kind with each other.

Or if they don’t make a move, I’ll be disappointed, even though I was not really into it either. I think someone is super cool, and I have secret pangs of attraction. In person, I’m coy, I try to make eye contact and look for a subtle opening to talk.

Once I’ve found an opening, I try to charm the hell out of them.

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He told me that he’d want to marry me, if I were ready for that, and when I went to grad school, he offered to move to stay with me.

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