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Once you throw these young people onto the street, what happens? Then the evil closes in on them - they find an organization that lets them eat for free, shower for free, but will never lead them to do anything independent," László Sümegh says, adding that society is not interested in making sure that only a few children will have to grow up in children's homes. He is a young transsexual, a native of Olomouc, who ran away from a diagnostic institute. He was also a "streetwalker", first at the main train station, and then in Prague's gay clubs. "You know, it's really euphoric for those young people.

They think the supply of customers willing to pay exorbitant prices will last forever," Lázsló says, interrupting him. He grew up in the Smíchov neighborhood of Prague, living in an apartment with his mother, who worked as a cleaning woman, his younger sister, and his grandmother. Mom did cleaning in several places so she often wasn't home in the afternoons.

What do male prostitutes in the Czech Republic - be they Czech or Romani - have in common? The days when young male prostitutes used to stand around the station and make good money offering sexual services to well-heeled men are said to be long over.

Have they always been able to make their own choices in life? "There are boys here who'll service an undiscriminating customer for just CZK 200. That's why I often travel to Hamburg, the prices there are at a completely different level, something like around EUR 200 per day," Honza says.

Then you get paid ridiculously low amounts of money, at least here at the station," he says.

He believes real money can only be made in the luxurious (or mid-level) gay clubs for which Prague is rather notorious.

The vast majority of them take drugs themselves or sell them, just like Honza. I stayed living with my Dad after that, but he's no longer alive now.

Honza frequently ran away from the children's home in Tábor, and his first steps led him to the main train station in Prague.The "hourly rooms" for gentlemen who want to enjoy themselves with young boys in Prague are also infamous.Those running gay enterprises bet on that; the rooms are always immediately adjacent to the clubs.When I filmed a television documentary about the children's homes and diagnostic institutes, the topic came up again, in a much more concrete way," Valšík writes in his book, entitled "Your Boy - A Prostitute? "It's not homosexual prostitution because the vast majority of boys who make a living with their bodies on the streets or somewhere else are not homosexually oriented," explains Lászlo Sümegh, who started distributing clean injection needles and condoms to young homeless boys in the center of the Czech capital in 1995.Now he runs an organization based in the Vysočany neighborhood of Prague.

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