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But just as important is the story of what happened to Turpiano in the time between the opening of the investigation and the moment he finally faced charges.

After Huisman’s gag order, which isolated Turpiano from his support system and inhibited his defense preparations, others in the chain of command took actions that damaged his standing and reputation in the community at Goodfellow.

In a viral blog post published last summer, former airman Kayce Hagen lamented the injurious influence of social science-driven sexual assault prevention strategies on Air Force culture …

and how those strategies created irrational fear that every male airman should be regarded as a sex predator poised to strike.

They interviewed many witnesses and gathered many statements, some of which would later be impeached at trial while others would be recanted.

The government neglected to inform Turpiano’s defense team of this potentially exculpatory piece of evidence.It also had the effect of knocking him out of training just a few days short of graduation and professionally damaging him long before a single charge had been filed.According to trial testimony and sworn statements included in Turpiano’s post-trial request for clemency, OSI investigators intimidated witnesses, coercing statements implicating Turpiano in misconduct.Two agents from the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (OSI) were pursuing a complaint lodged by his ex-girlfriend. Christopher Huisman, commander of the squadron to which Turpiano (as well as his accuser and virtually every other witness in the case) belonged, issued a broad no-contact order.Overnight, his life was transformed as the chain of command he relied upon to vindicate his right to fairness turned on him swiftly and viciously. The directive contained a list of 38 names, preventing Turpiano from enlisting witnesses in his defense.

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