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(I found one that references the quote though) So maybe that's all it is?Regardless, I'm just glad a bunch of straight guys can make music gay guys can relate totake a listen to the Smiths and Morrissey.Morrissey wrote and sang songs while he was in the Smiths, he wrote quite a few songs that played with sexuality and gender.there is also the gay pop band Pansy Division/r/gay is a 90,000 strong community of 10 years based on pride and support.Keywords: gay, lesbian, LGBT, homosexual, gaybros, askgaybros, gaymers, ask, share, news, discuss, men, women, friends, coming, out, inclusive.Franz Ferdinand was probably my favorite new band when they formed and there is definitely a gay subtext in some of their songs ("Michael", "This Boy", and "Do You Want To" is what comes to mind, I'm not as familiar with their two most recent albums).That said, both the drummer and guitarist are married to women and there are several interviews that state they all had girlfriends when they met.Alexander Paul Kapranos Huntley (born 20 March 1972) is a Scottish musician, singer, songwriter, record producer, and author.

After dropping out, he continued studying at the University of Strathclyde, gaining a BA.Kapranos makes a cameo appearance in the video for Our Bovine Public.His remix of the single "New in Town", by British pop singer Little Boots was featured on various formats of the singles release.In 2015, the band collaborated with American band Sparks to form a supergroup named FFS.Kapranos produced Men's Needs, Women's Needs, Whatever – the third album by British indie rock group The Cribs in Vancouver BC, released on .

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I asked some friends and they recall me showing them that interview at some point so either we're collectively hallucinating or it somehow disappeared from the internet.

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