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I never even knew that was a thing you could do or hadn't even heard of it.

So I think I filed it away in my head as something I would do someday, and when the opportunity came up, I took it!

Alex and I were dating for years where I was taking contracts in Antarctica and he wasn't coming down.

I have to imagine it is much easier for someone who has been down there to understand your life. I have never, fortunately, been the person who has been left, but I think it would be really difficult. He could picture the places I was talking about when I said, "We did this at this place," or he may even know some of the people in common and I think it makes you feel closer. With long-distance relationships on Antarctica, it becomes very clear very quickly how much you like the relationship, so you see some people come down and cracks in the relationship that would maybe show up in five or 10 years show up in a month of being down there.

" And there is a 48-hour film festival that happens in the wintertime.

There are more than 30 stations that participate in the contest and send in submissions, and then we watch the films.

It signifies the sun getting as far north as it will and then slowly coming back to Antarctica when people have been in the darkness for basically months at that point.Keri Nelson was 32 when she moved to Antarctica eight years ago.Feeling like her three college degrees weren't doing much for her, she applied for an entry-level job on the frozen continent on a whim and got it. After taking part in a documentary called Antarctica: A Year on Ice, Nelson spoke to about what the dating scene is like all the way down south, what it's like to live in isolation for months at a time, and how she met the love of her life on the ice.It can be a little difficult to sleep, but hiking is a possibility at any time of the day. You kind of run between buildings, and it is never in the building that you live in.It's funny to see, in the middle of winter, underneath all those stars, people trotting around in really, really weird costumes heading to the next thing like it ain't no thing. One of the best parts of the documentary was the big Antarctica Christmas celebration you have. There is Mid-Winter Day, which is kind of an Antarctica holiday.

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  1. We don’t necessarily need to meet each other in order to communicate, because we’ve got cell phones, computers, Internet, webcams that simplify this process and make it really convenient, especially if the person you would like to have chat with lives far away from your neighborhood.

  2. Due to this, it is likely that she will prefer to take things slow and really get to know their date first before they will express their commitment towards a possible relationship.