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Today, many Mexican pop groups release songs both in Spanish and English.Mexico has produced many great operas since La Partenope was first performed in 1711.Also called 'Grupero', Norteno music uses an accordion and a 'bajo sexto' or twelve string guitar along with other instruments.New migrants in Northern Mexico blended European waltzes and polka with Ranchero music back in the late 19th century.The term “Mariachi” comes from two of the many native languages of Mexico, the Nahuatl (used mostly by the ancient Aztecs), and the Coca (a language known to be used by many independent Mayan tribes).

Mexico has many pop stars and plenty of its own pop music.Early opera was strongly influenced by European styles.By the 19th century, Mexican composers had found their own voices in operas such as Guatimotzin.Among the Mexican music played by Mariachis are famous tunes like “La Bamba”, “Cielito Lindo”, “La Cucaracha” and the extensively known Mexican hat dance.Like the American country tunes, Ranchera music celebrates love, family life, and patriotic stories.

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