Bush ciara dating reggie

I dont even know what to say to that, really ridiculous.Na Belle: No that did NOT just say Kim gave “the African economy a boost”…!?!? It looks like they spent a few hours here and there taking pictures with sick African kids…posted them immediately for the world (media) to see then ran out.not just skin color and hair, cause their stuff WRINKLES and CRINKLES about 20 yrs before black baby, THEY ALL WANT to be black. And he was just chillin' fine with just being the BF for now. I highly doubt him going to africa had anything to do with it, but the snark was extra funny. The title of the blog is ybf, and clearly that is not you. The world is not just Black and White, it's many shades in between. I SINCERELY PRAY HIS NEXT CHICK IS AS WHITE AS RICE!! YOU FLAPPERS JUST KEEP POSTING COMPLAINTS HERE WHILE KIM'S OUT MAKIN THAT CREAM DRIVIN THAT BENTLEY ROCKIN THAT GUCCI. GET A LIFE, GO EDUCATE YOURSELVES AND YOUR KIDS AGAINST RACISM.that's why Kim needed face surgery and she is looking trannish. I can't say that I'm shocked they broke up I figured they'd be together maybe a bit longer. I bet his next boo will not be black and if he likes it I love it..ever floats your boat homie..make sure she's smart. So whatever comments/remarks made on this website is not meant for you to rant or trip off of. It's hating ass people of other cultures like you who don't understand our grievances or fustrations as a black woman. IT AINT NOONES FAULT BLACK MEN PERFER WHITE WOMEN EXCEPT YOUR OWN.

I think it has to do w/ the fact that we see it soo much, TV, real life, we jus get tired of it, its not so much being bitter. We aren’t happy for the sole reason of them breaking up just because they were an interracial couple, it’s because she was an interracial ho.

BUT how come when Asians and Latinos talk about only marrying their own it’s called pride but when it comes to black people talking about only dating black we’re insecure and have problems?

I am assuming this comment is in response to my initial comment considering that I am the only one that brought up these three womens names..

Co-sign Candice: Arent all of the women he named black?

Alica , Halle and Amarie are black women so what’s your point?

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