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Another trick: add screen time limits to your phone or specific types of apps.To keep online dating from interfering with other realms of your life, give yourself a maximum threshold of swipes per day, a function that comes built into some apps like Tinder and Hinge.At their best, dating apps are fun, helpful tools to meet people and develop meaningful relationships.

If you feel frustrated by how much energy you’re putting it or feel constant interruptions during work or other commitments, take a break for an evening, day, or even a week.

Looking at the data, they observed that people with high levels of social anxiety preferred virtual dating over face-to-face contact.

Dating apps promote a greater sense of “control, comfort and safety,” Coduto explains.

“You’re in a spiral of saying, ‘Okay, I’m still not getting the matches I want.’ Then, you start to feel rejected.

You think, ‘I can’t even present myself online much less in person,’ or I’m still not finding a quality relationship so I’m feeling even lonelier than I did before.”She encourages online daters to be purposeful in their swipes and to take the time to reflect on the kind of person they are interested in.

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