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At the end of their use-life, the rooms were generally demolished, and a new room built in its place, almost always with the same internal layout as its predecessor.

Individual buildings at Çatalhöyük were rectangular or occasionally wedge-shaped; they were so tightly packed, there were no windows or ground-level floors. The buildings had between one and three separate rooms, one main room and up to two smaller rooms.

Prestige goods are even rarer but include axes, adzes, and daggers; wooden or stone bowls; projectile points; and needles.

Some microscopic plant residue evidence suggests that flowers and fruit may have been included in some of the burials, and some were buried with textile shrouds or baskets.

Both men were detail-conscious and exacting archaeologists, far ahead of their respective times in the history of the science.

Mellaart conducted four seasons between 1961–1965 and only excavated about 4 percent of the site, concentrated on the southwest side of the East Mound: his exacting excavation strategy and copious notes are remarkable for the period.

The main living spaces at Çatalhöyük were rarely larger than 275 sq ft (25 sq m and they were occasionally broken into smaller regions of 10–16 sq ft (1–1.5 sq m).

Limitations of dating evidence have, however, rendered the nature of the relationship between the settlements on these mounds unclear.

Traditional models favoured a hiatus between their occupation, or, alternatively, a rapid shift from one site to the other, often invoking changes in natural conditions by way of an explanation.

Hodder began work at the site in 1993 and still continues to this day: his Çatalhöyük Research Project is a multinational and multidisciplinary project with many innovative components.

Çatalhöyük's two tells—the East and West Mounds—include an area of about 91 acres (37 hectares), located on either side of a relict channel of the Çarsamba River, about 3,280 feet (1,000 meters) above mean sea level.

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