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Isaak comes from a Catholic Black Sea German from North Dakota from his father’s side, whereas from Italian American, from Genoa from her mother’s side. Isaak received his education from Amos Alonzo Stagg High School located in north Stockton from where he graduated in 1974.

He met Erik Jacobsen, who helped him blossom in his career and he released his first album which was named after his music group ‘Silverstone’ after he got a recording contract with Warner Bros. The album was widely acclaimed but it did not do well with the sales.After three years of the song released, the song rose to an astonishing #6 and #10 in the US and UK Billboard pop charts respectively in 1991.The video was shot in a beach with an erotic bond and it was directed by director Herb Ritts creating an aura of love and romance.His mother lives in California with his two brothers but his father died before seven years.He holds American citizenship and his ethnicity is Mixed(Bessarabia German and Italian).

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Lucky and then released an album called Beyond the Sun, which was recorded in Memphis, Tennessee at the Sun Records studio recently. He did not even have an engagement with any one of them.

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