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Not-so-strangely, the song wasn’t all that well suited to Burrito Josh’s voice, but it’s PERFECT for Alanis, who immediately steals the spotlight, in part because she’s looking fantastic. Reid calls “Jagged Little Pill” his favorite album of all time and says Josh and Alanis were a perfect fit. Burrito Josh’s grandmother in Wooster, Ohio is very proud of Josh.

Reid intros Chris Rene by celebrating that yesterday marked his eighth month sober.

There are two pointless key changes because “Complicated” is too darned hard for Chris to sing. But I like Avril waiting patiently for Chris to do a corny rap verse next to her.

Melanie dominated this first round by an unimaginable amount. He’s comfortable, composed and, in this moment, he’s a star. Chris Rene: In case you’ve forgotten, Chris had a long self-destructive period. I suspect the answer will be the latter, because this full-scale production version of the song is in every way better suited to Chris’ voice and talents than anything else he could have done. “That was your five million dollar song,” Simon says, also calling Chris “a brilliant performer” and “a true gentleman.” L. I really don’t think there’s anything Melanie Amaro can do to stem the Chris Rene tide, but… And for tomorrow night’s finale recap, don’t forget to check Liane’s Starr Raving blog. I’d be on Chris winning tomorrow, but I think I’m still rooting for Melanie.

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