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Do YOU know what the man of your affections is truly capable of?

The type of lover, provider, professional, or partner he’s capable of being without your prompt or involvement?

’ But if you WANT one, our men still need to be needed in order to be the men WE need them to be! ’ like the one he’s capable of giving you by answering that question with a demonstration that affirms your belief that he is, or destroys your faith that he ever was.

This gave me a strong sense of a need to control out of my much stronger fear of public failure. I made myself believe that if I didn’t, nothing would ever go exactly the way I needed it to, to get to where WE were now going.So, to my marriage minded single ladies out there I say, stay TRUE to you and STOP shying away from proclaiming what you TRULY want!We do this by convincing ourselves that we’re not deserving, or not lucky, or whatever BS reasons we’ve told ourselves for why we haven’t been successful in love.I never envisioned myself being 35 and on my second marriage. The truth is we ARE truly products and experts of our own experiences. I say that with the utmost respect for my amazing Ex and my spectacular Husband!

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