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She said, "Here, so that you behave while I'm not here to supervise, you need to go put that on and bring me the key." After putting our daughter to bed I invited him in while my wife finished getting ready for her date with him.

As she came down the stairs we were both awestruck. I hadn't seen her look this hot since her and I were dating.

My heart seemed to immediately jump into my throat as I watch my loving wife walk towards his car.

She broke his kiss, said something to him and he headed for the stairs while she walked towards me.Right before she went upstairs to get ready she called me into the kitchen and handed me a black zippered pouch.I immediately knew that it was the chastity device that she likes to make me wear sometimes.With that I turned to get in the car as he took the cart to go back into the store.A couple days later, bing went my wives phone as she received a text message from her new friend.

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"Why don't you go play some X-Box so you don't have to listen to us...

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