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You will find their easy to use mobile app handy when you need to communicate with other members on the go.The predominant religion is Islam and westerners need to be aware of the conservative approach to dating when visiting.While you are a free member you will not be required to provide credit card details – only email address, this lets you explore the website for free before you become a paid member.The site has a fair amount of legitimate profiles with the site administrators perennially weeding out fake profiles.Around 90% of all girls on the dating site are regular hard-working girls.Some work office jobs, others are at university with everyone else in between.One of their best features is that you can target by city, whether you’re in Jakarta, Bali or any other city or island just refine your search and you’ll be matched with girls local to you.

Members can communicate through instant messaging, but it is limited to text only.

Whenever I go on holiday alone or with my friends, the first thing I’ll do is login to the country’s biggest online dating site and take a look around.

If I’m travelling along it’s a great way to setup dates with girls and even ask them to be my personal tour guide.

Avoid wearing vests and t-shirts in your profile pictures.

Put on a dress-shirt or a nice t-shirt and jeans and upload them. The site has has many age groups, if you’re a young man there’s lots of girls in the 18-30 range and if you’re a retiree (45 ) as you can see above there’s many girls in their 30s who are looking for an older man.

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Indonesian cupid is the biggest online dating site in Indonesian.

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