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You should get a nasty looking error message on your screen. However, it's ugly, so you want to give the user a friendly message. You are interested in displaying a friendly error message for your first and second columns. Net arrays are zero based, so this would be Columns 0 & 1. Show("You must enter a valid decimal.") Case 1 'Needs to be a datetime Message Box. Just remember--don't get too caught up in the syntax at first.Show("You must enter a valid datetime.") End Select This is basically saying that you've got a data entry error, and depending on the column with the error, you want to display a custom message. It sometimes helps to take a step back and look at the big picture of what you're trying to accomplish. Net can be hard to work with sometimes because it has so many libraries. Ok my code is commented out in the cell validation. I have data in the datagrid is has been loaded from the I go to the blank line I can't enter anything.Users can freely enter into the first column, and in the Cell Validation event, we verify that the format of what they entered is correct and then lookup the number they entered to populate the second column with the name.The function looks something like this: If a cell enters edit mode and the value is changed, then the value displayed in the cell is not updated with the formatted version.

Hello I have a datagrid and would like to validate one field. They told me they were more intested in my analyst skills and I could learn the programming when I started.

As far as books go, Wrox books are usually pretty good. Eventually, it will all come together, especially once you figure out which objects are subclassed from others. I also tried selecting the add button in the navigator that was automatically created.

It creates a new blank line and I still can't add anything.

Although I would like to understand this better than I do.

routine, and try to add a word into your decimal field of your Data Grid View, and navigate off the record. Column Index Case 0 'Needs to be a decimal Message Box.

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