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On the campus, he became friends with Kelly, a young Catholic woman who was a student cheerleader.After her graduation, they started dating seriously. When Kelly was expecting their second child, they decided to marry.After the priest blessed the house, the couple awkwardly told him that they were uneasy to join the marriage-preparation team because of their elopement.Then Tony and Maria expressed their desire to have their marriage recognized by the Church.The actual exchange of vows before a priest took place at the main altar after a Saturday night Mass, with only members of their immediate family attending.

They obtained a wedding license and immediately married at the city clerk’s office, with only the necessary legal witnesses present.

When Tony called his parents to tell them of this unexpected development, his father hung up but later called back with his blessing.

Maria’s parents, on the other hand, expressed their delight with the marriage.

Aaron’s encounters with the parish priest who initiated the tribunal process were basically positive experiences.

When an affirmative decision was re-ceived, Aaron and Kelly set the date for a large Church wedding and reception.

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Later, those couples may seek to have their union officially recognized by the Church. Among other items in this groundbreaking document, he outlined practical suggestions for pastors and pastoral leaders when dealing with couples not married “in the Church.” The pope cautioned that each situation should be examined case by case.

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