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During 2017, Prime Minister Hüseyin Özgürgün of the UBP headed a governing coalition with the center-right Democratic Party (DP).In 2016 the UBP had broken with its previous coalition partner – the center-left Republican Turkish Party (CTP), which seeks reconciliation with the Greek Cypriots and European Union membership – to pursue policies that were seen as more closely aligned with Ankara.Christians and non-Sunni Muslims have complained that the government favors Sunni Islam in its policies on religious education and places of worship.The government's Religious Affairs Department staffs Sunni mosques with imams. While large numbers of teachers and professors have been fired or jailed for political reasons in Turkey since 2016, no similar purges had occurred in the TRNC as of late 2017.

The president appoints the prime minister and cabinet members, who must have the support of a legislative majority.

However, women's political participation is limited in practice, particularly in leadership positions, and just four women won seats in the legislature in the last elections. FUNCTIONING OF GOVERNMENT: 7 / 12 (-2) While elected officials generally develop and implement policies and legislation without direct interference from Ankara, the TRNC remains diplomatically and financially dependent on Turkey – which also maintains a military presence – and this dependence affects policymaking.

In recent years Ankara has pushed for austerity and privatization measures that opponents said would shift control over key assets from the TRNC government to Turkish companies that are close to the Turkish state.

Freedom of the press is guaranteed by law, and TRNC authorities generally respect it in practice.

Journalists sometimes face obstruction or threats from the subjects of their reporting, and the owners of certain outlets are believed to influence coverage.

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