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“My mother wasn’t driven and she certainly wasn’t a career person,” Bridgewater says.“I think we’d all have been a bit more restful if she hadn’t had her accident.” When Bridgewater, who read English at the University of London, began experimenting with sponge-painted ceramics in the bedroom of a former squat in Brixton, her grand plan was to build up a business for a few years and flog it, rather like Tie Rack and Sock Shop.Emma Bridgewater - founder of the fantastically successful pottery company of the same name - still runs the business with her husband Matthew, despite its enormous success.Emma Bridgewater Pottery is a thoroughly British business, too, with all the pottery made in Stoke-on-Trent, the traditional home of British pottery.

You will be quoted a date for collection of your finished item(s) which is normally around one week later.

“We remained hopeful at first because she’d kept on not dying when the doctors said she would, but those around the periphery could see that her outlook was pretty poor.

For the coming decades she wasn’t just a happy cabbage. There were times when she’d genuinely know who she was and what she’d lost, which was heartbreaking.” It was a difficult and extremely protracted time. “We sometimes wondered if she’d outlive us all,” Bridgewater says.

Along with accounts of surfing trips, picnics and camping in Cornwall – fans would expect nothing less – are chapters alluding to the loneliness she experienced while growing the business, the strain of juggling work with four children and the sadness that overshadowed her family for two decades after her mother, Charlotte, suffered severe brain injuries in a riding accident.

“I think by implication you can see that some of it was really awful,” she says.

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