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The famous psychiatrist Carl Jung often pulled upon spiritual principles as part of his healing work; something he linked to a theory called the active imagination (Davidson, 1966).

One need not believe in astrology in order to benefit from learning about the Zodiacs.

Additionally, scholarly citations have been included where necessary.

In this article, you will learn about: Before diving in too far, you have a right to know who is authoring this piece. Instead, I’m a counselor and educator who enjoys writing about these kinds of topics.

Just before it established a stable orbit around our planet, the Crab was zapped from its parental constellation with a bolt of lighting. The key traits that stand out about for Cancer men are threefold: 1) Emotional, 2) Protective and; 3) Caring.A “house” is nothing more than a theoretical construct that holds certain traits.In turn, these traits are gifted to those born under its shadow.My hope in writing this piece is to help change the narrative.Visitors to Guy Counseling know that from time to time, I will pen articles on the Zodiac signs as a way of encouraging personal insight.

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