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A person of character does not cheat when the relationship goes bad, they choose to divorce rather than deceive and betray.Tread carefully to be sure that you do not get hurt.This relationship drop enables breaking up, assuming the Sims were going steady, engaged, or married.The cheated-on Sim may reject the cheater should they try to interact with them romantically.If a race horse finishes first place in the majority of his races, more than likely that horse is going to continue to place well during a race.The same goes for how someone will behave in a relationship.

They don't get any visible memories from this aside from any meetings, but effectively act like a Sim who has been cheated on. However, if one of their parents had died and they somehow didn't know about it, it could cause needless drama if they consider looking for love again as cheating.

Whenever a Sim, who has a crush on or is in love with another Sim watches the latter partake in some romantic interaction with another, jealousy occurs.

In The Sims 2, if Nightlife or later is installed, jealousy also triggers fury.

We all have unique personalities and typically have developed our own ways of dealing with relationship problems.

If our family, friends, and co-workers woke up every morning with a new personality and little evidence of how they would react to different situations that day, it would be impossible to form any real relationship with anyone because you couldn’t get to know them on a deeper level.

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This doesn't take into account whether or not the feelings are one-sided, which may be messy for unrequited crushes.

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