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Anyone worth your time won't care that you're on CPAP. That just means they would have found something else to dump you for in the future because they're shallow.... you have no idea....whoever you are, you just made my Reddit Day!Where's the meme of Neo from The Matrix dodging bullets when I need it?! It's interesting - my soon to be ex-wife obviously had mentioned the concerns of gasping for air...

Then I just sort of mentioned the CPAP, my girlfriend is not bothered by it, but it avoided awkward conversations early in the dating process.

Thank you all for your responses - I booked my consultation today and will see where that leads me - your responses have undoubtedly helped in making that decision.

Subscribing to this subreddit now :)Late to the party, but I agree with others - bring it up early.

I also mention that it stops me from extremely loud snoring.

"I know it's ugly and weird the first time you see it, but we'll both sleep better." I also explain that it's just blowing air, not oxygen, which seems to be a common misconception.

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Just mention it in the first couple of dates, chances are she knows someone who is also on CPAP.

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