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For example, the sub might need to perform the chores wearing a special outfit.

Or there might be a set timeline that the sub has to finish the chores within.

The Dom can be extra sneaky by trying to get the sub to orgasm, but not giving them permission to do so.

This game can be played in a single day, or on an ongoing basis. Examples might include, “spend 30 minutes performing oral sex,” “scrub the entire floor on your hands and knees,” or “make a meal.” Depending on how intense you want to get, the Dom can give their sub certain criteria about the ways the chores have to be done.

My partner and I have already talked about the fundamentals like safety, consent, and boundaries, and we’ve played around with domination in some pretty tame ways.

We’re looking to up the ante and try something more intense.

Of course, don’t forget to keep talking about boundaries and safewords.Think about it in terms of how the sub could show prove their subservience to their Dom (of course, don’t forget that the sub still gets to have their own boundaries).Include sexual things, like, “allow my Dom to penetrate me anally” or “allow my Dom to wake me up in the middle of the night to have sex.” The sub can also include things that aren’t explicitly sexual, like, “I will wear a collar during the day” or “I will do chores around the house.”Punishment is one of the fundamentals of a Dom/sub relationship.You can’t play these types of games unless you and your partner are great communicators who are willing to talk about the ins and outs of sexual safety!One of the easiest ways to play around with Domination and submission is to spend an entire evening catering to the Dom. The sub might set up the room in a way that would please the Dom, give a full body massage, dress up in the Dom’s favorite sexy outfit, perform oral sex, or allow the Dom to choose exactly what they want in each and every moment. Here’s a really simple game to play when you’re just starting to ease your way into Domination and submission.

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