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Also, be very careful of the women in Ukraine, its not uncommon to see a young beautiful woman in a shopping center dragging around an old man and translator.

They have good soups, salads, breads, sandwiches, and of course great bakery goods. It comes highly recommended if you need to drink and talk on Friday or Saturday evening. Don’t come super late because bars in Kiev are not 24/7.

As far as the organized crime goes there really isn’t much you have to worry about unless you plan on opening a chain of casinos or starting a drug trafficking business, it’s very unlikely that the mafias will take any interest in you whatsoever.

At all times in Ukraine you should be carrying your passport on you, in the rare case the police stop you to check for documents.

Kiev is just as safe as other Western European Countries.

However, there are a few things you need to be aware of, such as the existence of organized crime, police bribes, and dating scams.

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And if you have a lot of pent up angst, there’s a place you can drive around on a tank and shoot anti-tank guns. In January there is the Epiphany festival where a ton of people jump into the Dnipro River at Hydropark to celebrate the Christ’s baptism.

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