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Since the book ends with the year 1900, however, the same man could have made guns after 1900 or found it more and more advisable to do less in his own shop and sell guns by makers in the gunmaking centers.When placing his order he could request that his name will be engraved on the gun or even be inlayed in precious metals.

The first and last names could be that of a maker, a dealer, a gun factory, a wholesaler, an importer or an exporter.

You might want to print out the list of German proof marks that follows for reference when you encounter a German gun.

Additional questions are covered in the articles that follow.

Sometimes we can identify makers by the engraving because it is unique like a signature.

This identification must be left to the serious collector or engraver with historic interest.

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But on guns made during the 19th Century, things began to change.

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