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Soon after the famous V-Bars handlebars, the MXll frame and the Microline frame (mini series) were released.With these additions the company was gaining success again and by January 1980, Redline Flight cranks were going into production.Kastan went on in 1988 with his new BMX company which he named Kastan.Seattle Bike Supply was acquired by Accell in 2006.It’s easy to bike around Chicago with CTA’s Bike & Ride initiatives.

It is often referred to as the original BMX bicycle manufacturer having innovated many revolutionary components for the sport such as tubular chromoly forks and cranks.

They would be BMX's first tubular chromoly three piece cranks which would become Redline's most popular product.

In 1982 Redline introduced the Proline ll, the MXlll series and expanded their line with the PL-20 and the PL-24.

All CTA buses are equipped with bike racks, located on the front of the bus.

Most regular, two-wheeled bikes fit into the racks.

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