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Introducing Spectrum a safe, affordable and comfortable environment for singles on the autism spectrum to find someone who is compatible in every way.By narrowing the dating field and making unique matches for specific users, meeting a lifelong partner just got much easier.We felt that those of us on the spectrum have been labeled our whole lives.In our experience, categorical labeling can result in some people being unable to perceive a person individually from that label.“There are some who prefer to be of one side on the spectrum, like Asperger’s syndrome, and then they may separate themselves from plastic autism.

Not only is Spectrum Singles revolutionary, but it is also extremely safe.

The cost of a monthly membership is less than , comparable to the price charged 20 years ago!

When you do become a member, there are more advanced features like private messaging and bookmarking.

Spectrum Singles essentially came about because Cantu and her mother found it difficult to explain to friends and family members who weren’t autistic what issues they were having or why they needed to have some space during times of anxiety.

On top of that, there was no dating site that had an individualized system of finding autistic individuals a match based on behavioral characteristics.

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