Dating someone with genital herpes

Will you abstain from receiving oral sex from women with OHSV1?

Particularly when she is receiving (I can easily live without blowjobs for a while, but We have study data on transmission risk of GHSV2, but not GHSV1.The outbreaks are likely a frustration, but it sounds like for most its just another thing to deal with every now and then.And this point "you have a lower chance of getting HSV2 from a women who you know has it and takes antivirals and uses condoms versus a random woman who has not been tested and has had 10 partners while not using condoms". Transmission of GHSV1 is way lower, not even similar or close to GHSV2.In terms of dating someone with HSV, how I feel about it would depend on your age.Statistically, women with 10 partners have a 37% infection rate.

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