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I know for certain that many guys feel so bad about the whole "dating scene" that they give up and find something constructive to do instead - and I've heard rumours that there are females in a similar position, though I've yet to see any convincing evidence of it.It'd be nice if people came up with more suggestions of alternate ways of meeting new people, I think the world is crying out for it.We all acknowledge that men judge us on our appearance above anything else, and if they get to see all the flabby bits straight off the block we've got no chance!Plenty of the people in surf clubs don't have bodies like gods or goddesses.A couple of years ago I was walking up from Bronte Beach and a middle-aged woman collapsed, striking her head dreadfully on the concrete path; I was first to her and stuffed a towel under her head as her daughter screamed but, as I searched my high school memories for how to do mouth-to-mouth, I realised I'd forgotten.I ran to the beach and alerted the clubbies and they rushed up with oxygen, the woman came to and everyone went home alive but I couldn't shake a feeling of impotence - if the situation had been slightly different, my ignorance may have cost that woman her life.

- Sam How about joining an SLSC because you like the surf, like saving lives, and like the fact the SLSC is no more than a social place to do both?Tricky Dick Pratt has moved onto his second billion recycling all the newsprint that's been expended on metropolitan Australia's so-called "man drought".You can't crack open a Cleo or finger a Marie Claire without reading some poor darling's despondent account of how speed-dating, and set-ups by married friends have amounted to nothing but slimy midnight texts from oversexed losers. On the weekend, as I paraded around a certain city beach wearing a silly orange hat re-doing my bronze medallion, it struck me that if a gal truly wanted to meet a healthy, community-minded fella who enjoys the great outdoors she need only join her local surf club.My little clubby mate said as much when we chatted on the weekend: "I think a lot of women, especially as their friends get into relationships or have kids, they're left wondering - 'what am I going to do on the weekend?'" Involvement with a surf club quickly answers that question - and what more, aside from getting you active and improving your fitness, the first time you haul a spluttering Irish backpacker out of a rip or give first aid to a kid with a blue bottle sting, you realise you're doing something very worthwhile.

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