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We’ve been talking about this for a while now, but I just got so busy with that I couldn’t get a post together in time for his blog. “This Doesn’t Work Without the Money” by Ed Porter In late September, 2012, I got a call from “C,” my mistress for the last three years, to tell me that she was immediately ending our relationship, earlier than we had planned.

I knew that this day would come we had discussed it over the previous months so while I felt sad, I did not feel shocked.

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A week later, I texted her to ask again for one hour; again she refused.

I asked why: she said, “Honestly, I’m just ready to move on. “Well,” she replied, “we broke up, so I won’t be texting you for awhile.” Four months later, still stinging from being completely shut out and the closure I wanted and needed, I sent a text to “K,” a friend of C’s who had become my “rebound” mistress for a couple of months after C left.

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I just wanted us to be friends.” She wrote that she didn’t want a friendship with me, and that she wanted no more contact with me unless she reached out.

In other words, “closure.” I mentioned this to C, but she refused to meet, saying that she really didn’t have the time, and that she had said all she wanted to say. Although she did her best to be gracious and kind at the end, her refusal hit me hard.

After three years together, I didn’t deserve an hour?

I go back there in look in the door and my gf is getting plowed by her boss who is probably 50.

I grabbed a vase by her door and smashed it over his head.

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