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Reviewed August 01, 2009 Freelance Writer says: "Dragonica is a 3D, fantasy, action-oriented, side-scrolling MMORPG developed by Barunson Interactive.Its published by Gpotato in the EU and THQ*ICE in the US.While the game is promoting play for kids ages 10 , given the open chat and violence, we suggest it is best for ages 13 " /Plenty of weapon use (swords, bows, daggers, cannons) and cartoon character whacking.Creatures, including sheep, wolves, walking stumps, racoons holding plungers, zombie skeletons, shark-boy pirates, can be killed by you and they die in what is supposed to be a humorous nature, but the animation may seem grotesque to some.- Correction de l'Allée des Tempêtes qui provoquait des crashs lors de la connexion sur la...Lire Bonjour à tous, Une maintenance aura lieu vendredi 09 aout 2019.Players will always see announcements of new items available in the Cash Shop on the loading screen.

A creature can be flung towards the player and a boken window graphic then appears on your screen.There are no parental controls available and chat is open, although a strong naughty word filter is applied which cannot be turned off.Even so, kids may encounter bad language as other players circumvent the language filters.Le serveur de jeu sera inaccessible à partir de 09h00 et le restera jusqu'à environ 09h30 (heure de Paris).Si des modifications doivent être effectuées sur les horaires de maintenance, nous vous tiendrons informés via notre page...

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