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- As Jacques sat on his bed, Maya locked the balcony doors and composed herself. "Jaaacqueeessssss" Maya repeated clicking her fingers in front of his eyes. Maya stopped, and feeling incredibly horny, straddled Jacques, rubbing her pussy lips on Jacques's exposed iron rod.She remembered the forbidden feelings she had had while on the flight in.Her husband, Vaughn, and her brother-in-law, Louis, were spit-roasting Dakota.Maya watched in amazement and jealousy as her husband pounded his soft-drink can man-meat down Dakota's throat, while Louis drilled his eight-inch cock into her pussy.Once there, he stopped, gasping in wonder, both as his aunt had her hand down her panties, but also at the speed at which his boy-meat became rock-hard.

By then though, Maya had noticed his presence, and with her senses suddenly restored she dragged him back to their apartment. Jacques still hazy and rock-hard from the sight of his mother didn't respond.Maya still hadn't noticed him, as her attention was still on the threesome happening in the other room.Jacques took his cock out of his night-pants, creeping next to her to see what had caught her attention so vividly.Nonetheless, Maya soon fell asleep on her bed, while Jacques wrestled with the tightly ironed sheets of his bed.- Maya woke, not to the sound of birds (rare in Dubai, coincidentally), nor the Dubai traffic, but to the muffled sound of sex.

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With Jacq's tongue probing further and further into unknown territory, Maya's insides were convulsing with pleasure.

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