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Since I admired my father very much, it became a point of honor with me not to like mathematics either. But when, at the age of sixteen, I entered Oberlin College, I found that the authorities felt that one hard course was all anybody ought to be asked to carry. Of course if you took Greek you were allowed to drop Latin. My philosophical attainments were such as may be derived from a ten weeks' course in the History of Philosophy.

I do not remember anything about the course except that the book was green and that it contained pictures of Plato and Aristotle.

By the end of the war I could give the impression that I was busy digging a ditch without putting my pick into the ground all day.

I have found this training very useful in my present capacity.

What is perhaps more important, I had no idea what I was doing or why. The sons of ministers and the sons of professors were supposed to go to college. You toiled your way through those which were required and for the rest wandered around taking those that seemed most entertaining.

I had some facility with languages, but today I cannot read Greek or Latin except by guesswork.Apart from a few plays of Shakespeare nobody gave me anything good to read until I was a sophomore in college.Then I was allowed to examine the grammar and philology of the Apology of Socrates in a Greek course.I was born in the usual way forty-three years ago and brought up in a way that was not unusual for persons born at that time.We had morning prayers with a Bible reading every day. The result of the first is that I was amazed three weeks ago when in a class I was teaching I found a senior at the University of Chicago who had never heard of Joshua.

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The first meant reading anything you could lay your hands on. You will notice that the circumstances under which I was brought up gave me some knowledge of one great book, the Bible, and the habit of reading.

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