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Such is the value of Greek thought even when it exists, as in Hellenism, in combination with non- Greek elements.

THE CHURCHES OF THE WEST DURING THE CRISIS SPAIN, AFRICA, GAUL • 4. Aristotle had been his tutor and the cultural sequel to his conquest was natural.

THE ROMAN SEE AND THE WESTERN CHURCHES CHAPTER 2: THE CHURCH AND THE DISRUPTION OF THE IMPERIAL UNITY, 395-537 • 1. Nevertheless it transformed the East for centuries, and for this transformation the chief credit once more is Alexander's.

GREGORY THE GREAT AND THE BEGINNINGS OF RESTORATION • 1. This fusion of Europe and Asia on a basis of Greek culture, Hellenism did not achieve; nor did it ever make Greeks of the Orientals.

SOCIAL AND POLITICAL CHANGES DURING THE FIFTH CENTURY, 395- 526 • 3. His conquests he welcomed as enlarging the scope and opportunity for the development of the Greek mind, the spread of Greek ideas and ideals of life, of the Greek scientific achievement.

THE SOCIAL AND POLITICAL SITUATION IN THE FOURTH CENTURY: DIOCLETIAN TO THEODOSIUS, 284-395 • 2. He promised to be as great a ruler as he had been a general in the field.

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