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To Badiou, love is not simply a search for an adequate partner, it is a construction of an almost traumatic transformation that compels us to look at the world "from the point of view of two and not one." Do arranged marriage practices suppress the transgressive power of love, as Badiou implies?Can choosing an arranged marriage be the act of a free person, and does that person then feel with as much depth as those who met through a friend, or at college, or via a dating app?

It is important to emphasize the difference between arranged marriages — which respect consent of prospective spouses — and forced marriages, where such consent is absent.

It gets in the way of understanding how love can be expressed and experienced within even the most seemingly "traditional" practices.

This misunderstanding and limitation poses real dangers in our current political climate.

The prevalent Western perception of illegitimacy is unwarranted, based both on ignorance of arranged marriage and on a lack of insight into Western norms.

Badiou criticizes both libertinism (superficial and narcissistic) and arranged-marriage practices (empty of that organic, spontaneous, and unsettling desire that inspires emotional transgressions).

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