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Don’t look now, but someone has again claimed to solve one of the greatest mysteries of World War II, the location of the stolen amber from Tsarskoye Selo.According to "historian turned journalist and lecturer" Sergei Trifonov, the amber is in Kaliningrad.“Believe me or not, it’s there, 12m down in the sub-soil,” he said, pointing to the entrance of a bunker that sheltered the Nazi high command in the last hours of the Battle of Koenigsberg.Edmonton was under snow and the temperature was minus 30 something. Bob and Heather live in a small city called St Albert on the northwestern outskirts of Edmonton (and still live in the same house today). St Albert was originally separated from Edmonton by several miles of farmland, but by the 1980s when we visited, the expansion of Edmonton’s city limits had St.Albert almost immediately adjacent and nowadays it is hard to see where Edmonton stops and St. The first thing I noticed when we arrived at Bob’s house was the electric cord out to the street and plugged into the front of a car.On touching down the ground staff were great and had already organised new flights for us to Calgary as by the time we got through the melee developing at Immigration with all the delayed flights arriving, they had anticipated we would miss our flight and domestic flights had resumed.So we arrived into Calgary late, to experience our first winter BBQ – well the meal was inside at the table, but Brian went out and BBQ’d the steak on the covered patio.We do not get a lot of snow in New Zealand other than higher up in the mountains and down at the bottom of the South Island, and of course Christmas comes here in the middle of summer, not winter.

So our arrival into Vancouver was via a long 13 hour flight on Cathay Pacific from Hong Kong (almost the limit of 747’s in those days and not dissimilar to the length of flight from New Zealand to Vancouver nowadays) and I will always remember our arrival.It's irreverent, cogent, and produced by contributers who are Eurasian area specialists.Just because the Kremlin denied it does not make us wrong.We later found that it was quite common to go outside and BBQ the steak, even if it was snowing outside, as they like their steaks BBQ’d.We spent two nights and a day in Calgary and then flew on to Edmonton, which is only about a 30 minute flight.

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