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Without denying the validity of these observations, I would put them in a larger context.

In Atlas at least, there is a pattern of sex reversal: not only does Rearden wait for Francisco’s phone call like a stereotypical woman, but he also calls Dagny “Mr.

Without a lot of context, I daresay most straights and some gays are going to find this kind of stuff, well, disgusting.

) straight and gay Objectivists about their experience with the issue.The ordinary people are the gay and lesbian Objectivists they touched with their wrong-headed remarks about homosexuality being “immoral” and “disgusting.” Sciabarra’s book is a chronicle of gigantic misbehavior and ordinary injuries, but it also holds out some hope for a new generation.One might dispute my characterization of Rand’s and Branden’s words as a mere touch, but look at the facts as Sciabarra offers them: Discounting internet flame wars of recent vintage, there has been no name-calling in the movement, no excommunication for being gay, little outing for spite.Remember that before the bar of reason we are all equals, in that we all have to prove our claims. All this imposes twin responsibilities: first, on giants to be careful how they touch others and second, on ordinary people to stop cringing.And I’m not referring exclusively or even primarily to gays and lesbians. What he does deal with first of all is a history of the attitudes of Objectivist leaders in the heyday of Objectivist homophobia and a survey of such attitudes more recently.

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But that doesn’t mean we all have to cast ourselves in the role of Lilliputians.

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