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Affluenza pulls no punches, claiming our whole society is addicted to overconsumption.It tracks how much Australians overwork, the growing mountains of stuff we throw out, the drugs we take to self-medicate' and the real meaning of choice'. More and more Australians are deciding to ignore the advertisers, reduce their consumer spending and recapture their time for the things that really matter.And while the literature being considered and evaluated is technical, the book is written in a non-mathematical way accessible to any college-educated reader.

Subsequent chapters explore different facets of executive compensation and assess the evidence on how well incentive compensation performs in each arena.

Our kids go to the best schools we can afford, but we hardly see them.

We've got more money to spend yet we're further in debt than ever before. The Western world is in the grip of a consumption binge that is unique in human history.

From there, Jane goes on to find self-empowerment through her La Leche League group, her career as an artist, her travels around the world, her journey through twelve-step recovery, and her experiences while dating in her sixties.

At last, she forges a blissful life on her own in Manhattan, conducting business and enjoying time with a committed partner.

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The scholarly literature on executive compensation is vast.

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