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Sometimes the camera of my mind replays the scene of my younger self, lying on the bedroom floor, sobbing uncontrollably in devastation.

I didn’t want it to end, but I couldn’t let that unhealthy relationship continue.

Finding the strength to search for the wisdom embedded in the hurt can be daunting though.

Recognizing that healing is a helped me to try to focus on living my new life one day at a time.

If you never want to experience a broken heart,” Norrington said, “eliminate all expectations from your relationships.” More than anything, people who are pained need to learn strategies for coping with the pain.

Because people can sometimes, “unrealistically expect or hope that life is all unicorns and roses,” said Marter.

In these type of games, you will be looking for a perfect girl/boy and convincing them to go on a date with you.

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Surf through the feelings and there is a lot of wisdom that can come.” The process of moving on from a relationship that has run its course can be an opportunity for growth and self-betterment. Norrington said, “Contrary to popular belief, it possible to eliminate all heartbreak and disappointment.

The secret is…choose to prioritize happiness.” While this advice might seem like an oversimplification of healing, prioritizing happiness takes a lot of work, and Norrington teaches that eliminating expectations is the first step in healing a broken heart.

There were, however, many days when I struggled to find anything for which I was grateful. “What is most important,” Marter said, “is to surround yourself with people who bring you up. If you aren’t there yet, have hope that you will hope to have love again.” Hope does indeed spring eternal, and when the heart is ready, it will open up to love again.

Then a friend reminded me, “sometimes we need to remember that we can and should be grateful for a good cry.” Feeling heartache is part of the healing process, and there is no shame in letting the body, mind, and soul experience all that it needs to in order to feel happy again. [image: via shutterstock] Kacy Zurkus is a Mompreneur.

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