How old was bow wow when he was dating ciara Real teen sex chat

And according to BET, the “Let Me Hold You Down” entertainer reminisced on his time with the “Like A Boy” singer.In the latest episode of Bow Wow disclosed that he’d asking Ciara to marry him and she said yes.And of course, everyone is waiting to see how Williams responds on her show, because you just know she will!I'm convinced Bow Wow is doing things just to get dragged on the internet & keep his name in the public.Needless to say, the diss was not well-received by Bow Wow's social media fans, or Twitter in general, with several of them calling the rapper out for the low blow.

Though he didn't want to name names, Bow Wow was more than forthcoming when he hinted about the material on his upcoming album, The Price of Fame, due December 19 on Sony Urban Music/ Columbia Records.

But before the two became an item, Ciara and Bow Wow were.

In fact, they were reportedly engaged to be married.

In particular, the junior rhyme-spitter noted a track called "System," on which he admits to having difficulties getting past a relationship with a girl he once dated.

Bow was careful never to reveal her name, but a sly smile crossed his face when Ciara was brought up as the likely subject.

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He literally just took an unsolicited shot at Wendy Williams for no reason.

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