How to tell a scammer on a dating site

Philippine women are beautiful and they know it ( just ask my wife haha.) So they like to take advantage of this and pretend they are very interested in you after seeing your picture and talking to you for 5 mins.

Usually if you continue this conversation with these types of girls — they will say things like they love you and need money, so they can come visit you in your home country.

They will at least wait until you two start to develop a relationship before she does any of this.

As you start messaging more and more girls throughout your online dating experience — every so often you might get some messages that make no sense to you.

There is though, ways to help reduce your chances of speaking with one.

A proper dating site is going to have information like, “contact section”, “about section”, and “physical address or phone number.” Also it should look professional — and not like something that was just thrown together.

I don’t know about you, but it’s a big turn off knowing the girl your talking too has 5 to 10 other guys she’s also talking too at the same time.

So if she is typing something sweet to you and she has her hands on her face or is chatting with someone in the same room, and you still see messages being sent while she does this — chances are she’s not really paying attention to you.Most scammers WILL NOT take the time to fill out their profile properly, and whatever they do have on there will probably be something very general.It’s usually quite easy to tell the difference between these scammers compared to the profiles of girls really looking for love.Scammers usually like to lie about their age, how they look, and just general things about themselves.If you ask to video chat, and they have several reasons why you can’t see them — then they more than likely they are hiding something from you.

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Another excuse she could tell you, is she is just getting out of highschool, and now needs money to enter a very nice college.

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