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Because in April and May of 2003-- right after the full combat operations in Iraq, which is an important factor to this story, as it turns out -- the Outlands became a free speech fire zone, where political debate raged in three dimensions, accompanied by property destruction, failed peace treaties, and robot turrets.After the authorities stepped in, at the end of May, the final parting shot was a jumble of giant cubes floating above the Jessie wall, left there by an angry player.It's about political debate, and what we believe to be political at all, depending on where we're from, and what assumptions we take with us, when we come here.And because you often learn the most about yourself when you come into conflict with others, it's also about the Second Life community's first challenge to define themselves.On some was the flag of Communist China, inset with the official Second Life game logo. Syank gives me the pleasure of unveiling your flag Enjoy living in the USSSL (United Soviet States of Second Life)!

Nowadays, it's almost crumbled away into obscurity.What happened at the Jessie wall -- everything leading up to it, and everything after – still strikes me as a microcosm for many things.It's about what happens when cultures clash and territories are disputed; when people misinterpret rules, or misapply them."Most of them are late 20s, early 30s, some in [their] 40s" says Lyra Muse, when I asked her and Bel Muse to speak on the subject.(Both the Muses are longtime citizens in SL.) "So they are a group of players that were ideal in some ways," adds Bel.

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