Inuyasha dating rpg

You can choose whether to play as a generic femme or masculine avatar, but it doesn’t seem to make any difference in dialogue options.

Think you’re so cool because you finally lost your virginity?

I actually can't tell if this is a real thing, but with the last minutes of Dogstructoid bearing down on us (long may it live), I'll take my chances.

Quill Studios is developing a dog-themed visual novel called .

Where he will meet several cute girls who all have multiple endings.

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In Hikari’s words, “My bedroom filled with blue smoke, and then all of a sudden this big fat puppy dropped from the ceiling! He constantly asks you to bring him lemon-lime soda and take him to the beach. ” His eyes glow white, his teeth flash, he threatens your life. It’s a wheel of fortune whose only downside is wasting precious game time (you have to get a girlfriend by the new year and need time to work at your part-time job to make money to buy presents to win affection).

” But Hikari’s mother won’t allow a dog in the house and she needs you to take care of him. When you refuse, he becomes irate: “What did you just say to me, you little bitch? After leveling up Miyu’s affection enough to spend the night with her, I returned home to find a very angry Shibe. Hoshi says, “Where the were you last night, you little bitch?

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