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"I think that my aunt and uncle know that there is someone ... But it's more about my grandmother and her sisters and the older generation.

It's like if [I] were to bring home a mass murderer."She laughs nervously and continues."It just doesn't happen.

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Five of the suspects were later taken for remand hearings, police said.

Speaking to reporters at his hearing at Jerusalem magistrates’ court, Gopstein said he was arrested for telling a Jewish woman that she should not date an Arab man, insisting he did no wrong.

Among those arrested was Benzi Gopstein, a prominent leader of the Israeli extreme-right group Lehava.

It's like: 'Bring home somebody who is a total loser, but don't bring home an Arab.'"Rona describes her parents' political views as "moving more left but kind of traditional," adding, "my mum always says that she thinks that the occupation of Gaza and the West Bank in 1967 was a mistake and that [Israel] should have returned the territories."Still, Rona did not tell her parents about her relationship right away."There was a period of time I was hiding it for convenience's sake. I thought it was racist from the get go."Her parents also objected to the relationship because "it would be so difficult for us to live here together," Rona says, due to the widespread discrimination they would face.

I just wanted to enjoy my life and not be harassed."When she did talk to her parents about her boyfriend, who is a non-practicing Muslim, they sidestepped the issue of his race, focusing instead on "cultural differences"."I was like, 'What are you saying? She describes the first time her parents met her boyfriend as "awkward"."I think it was actually their first personal interaction with an Arab, other than [those working in] stores and restaurants.

Iris Agmon, a professor in Ben Gurion University's department of Middle East studies, says: "In the Ottoman sharia court records one can find women whose nicknames hint to the fact that they are converted Muslims." And some of these women were probably Jewish.

After Ottoman rule ended, the British mandate also saw such couples.

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