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A healthy adult industry exists in the country and produces plentiful content with beautiful women, including a few pornstars that have become known around the world.Amateurs from Italy also film their sexual interactions.Apparently, those having less sex than everyone else are the Italians aged 35-40, where only three couples in ten do it more than once a week.Our national expenditure for condoms has also decreased of 6%.Certainly, sex wasn’t a topic commonly discussed in public, nor did it have a place on national media.It was something confined to our bedrooms, something people did but refrained from discussing.

alas, too many thoughts and too many worries, too much pressure.One thing Italians always had on their side is a positive, natural attitude towards their bodies and body contact in general: it may be because we like to hug and kiss one another a lot, but one thing we would never be accused of is certainly of being frigid.Of course, that’s not the same as sex, but it tells a lot about the way the people of Italy truly feel about sexual encounters and sexuality: it’s part of our lives and it’s natural.Read more about the Latin Lover fame of Italians on our article The New Latin Lover.Italian women have a reputation for beauty, sensuality, and sexual openness and are thus lusted after to star in adult films.

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