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He greeted her with a bottle of maple syrup and a rose, a gesture she found endearing. the word that comes to me is, like, a thug — like somebody who works in the woods.

Still, Isabelle says she wasn’t initially attracted to him. But that soon wore off.” Isabelle was touched by his easy-going and affable demeanour.

“We were very aware that Mom’s getting older, and we’re getting older,” says Janet.

“We’ve all been married more than 25 years, my sisters and I, and we have good, happy marriages, and we wanted Mom to have that — somebody who’s your partner when you have tea in the morning, and watches the news with you at night.” If Isabelle’s kids were unsure about Elmer, it’s clear his children had similar misgivings about her.

He told Isabelle that if she was curious about his identity, she should click on the website of the Township of Mc Nab/Braeside. Elmer Raycroft was his name, and he was the deputy mayor of Mc Nab/Braeside, a region with about 7,500 residents.

He was tall and hefty with close-cropped silver hair and a big smile. After a few messages back and forth, Isabelle and Elmer agreed to meet at a Baton Rouge restaurant in nearby Kanata.

“He was very outgoing, very happy, and everyone saluted him in Arnprior — ‘G’day, Elmer! He may have had a friendly reputation in Arnprior, but Isabelle’s daughters ­– Debbie Mc Carthy, Janet Methot and Sharon Palmer, who are all in their 50s – didn’t exactly take a shining to their mother’s new beau. We humoured him.” As their relationship progressed, Isabelle found Elmer started becoming “clingy.” After spending a few days with him on his farm, she says he would get upset when she tried to leave.

“He would just about break up and cry and throw himself on the floor.

The 69-year-old had been single for more than 40 years, after divorcing her first husband and raising three daughters by herself on a farm in Quebec.

In May 2011, about 10 days before the wedding, Elmer insisted Isabelle sign a prenuptial agreement. That’s the trouble with Elmer — there’s such a need in him.” Isabelle was excited about the wedding, and the prospect of a gathering of the families.

It favoured Elmer’s kids, spelling out that in the event of his death, 80 per cent of his estate would go to his four children and 20 per cent to Isabelle. The marriage was never an attempt to get at his assets or his farm — Isabelle loved life in the country and was happy to start a new life with him. On the big day, Elmer’s cream-coloured tuxedo vest and tie matched her elegant dress.

As deputy mayor, Elmer chaired the planning and fire committees and was heavily involved in decision-making on things that mattered most to townsfolk — everything from property taxes and hospital renovations to traffic lights.

Elmer was often seen about town, fulfilling the duties of his office. we’d spend a lot of time listening to his stories and his latest feats.

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When a man pinged her on the popular dating site in 2009, she was initially reluctant to continue the conversation. He told Isabelle he was also cautious about using his real name, because he was a “big wheel” in the town of Arnprior, Ont.

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