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The Mississippi River has aggraded through New Orleans in order to maintain the slope necessary to transport its large sediment load (1 million tons per day) all the way to Southwest Pass.

The Mississippi River Delta has been moving laterally over the last 6,000 years as the river migrates across the delta region.

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This overview describes Hurricane Katrina and the science behind the disaster.

This is why much of the area around New Orleans is below sea level.

Levees can, however, protect from most ocean-based flooding.

During a severe flood these natural levees breach, which causees flooding and deposition of sediment in wetlands.

This post covers Hurricane Katrina tours, both guided and self-guided.

Many people who visit New Orleans are interested in visiting areas that were affected by Hurricane Katrina, which stormed through in 2005 and to see the revitalization that has taken place since.

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