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Every once in a while, though, she found some man with interesting things to say, who was polite, and seemed to appreciate her company.She could talk for hours, too many really, but since virtual reality had to substitute for a social life, she thought, “what the hell do I need sleep for?Husband is gone, again, and I’m here alone, again, watching old horror movies, again.Kids are tucked in, and I’ve only made two trips to settle bedtime giggles, so tonight is about average.She could take the lack of sex, although that was getting harder lately, but she needed some spice in her life. She was always careful not to give any true information about herself, and didn’t even talk much unless a person really sounded interesting.She spent much of her time, in fact, telling the horny guys she didn’t do that sort of thing, and trying to nicely fend off women with desires on her bi-sexual virginity.You sound like a beautiful lady, and beautiful ladies should never be ignored.Wish I could do something to make you feel better (no, I’m not asking to meet you in real life).

Think the other guys did too, if their comments were any basis to judge by.

I loved chatting with you, but afterwards, I realized that I said a lot of personal stuff, and I wish I hadn’t.

I need someone to talk to, but don’t like the world to listen in, so I’ll try this for a while, and we’ll see what happens.

She described herself to him, leaving out the slight droop to her breasts and the little post-pregnancy tummy that would not go away (“no need to tell him all my secrets”).

She told him what city she lived in and discovered he lived nearby.

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Somehow, it didn’t seem as neat now as when she had first signed on with it, but the few friends in chat she trusted knew her by that, and if she changed it she would have to start all over.

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